Is Stress Making You Sick?

Psychosomatic disorders are troubling physical or psychological symptoms that are at least partial derivatives of our minds -- whose symptoms are in no way made up or imaginary. While psychosomatic symptoms happen to most of us to some extent and in an even positive way, (think: I'm so nervous that I have BUTTERFLIES in my stomach!, blushing or sexual arousal), some people experience psychosomatic symptoms that are far more uncomfortable and life-altering than some pretty butterfly fluttering by.  

TMS (or Tension Myoneural Syndrome) is the term psychosomatic medicine pioneer Dr. John Sarno developed for psychosomatic pain. His work provides us with a with a bevy of wonderful techniques that, when combined with evidence-based psychotherapeutic techniques, along with skill, patience and caring kindness, help patients regain control over their lives...and FEEL BETTER! 

I had the great pleasure of completing all of the PPDA (Psychophysiologic Disorder Association) Master Class trainings, attended Dr. John E. Sarno's in-person lectures while he was alive, and have taken great pride in helping to free patients with these symptoms from feeling like prisoners of their own minds. 

If you are experiencing psychosomatic symptoms of any kind, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would LOVE to help!

Spoiler Alert: I have a secret passion for helping patients become Migraine Headache free (LIKE ME!), which I accomplish using a simple and wonderful integrative approach that I developed called "The Headache Preventive Lifestyle." To date, I have many hundreds of migraineurs reporting complete relief! I hope you will be next :)

*** Of course, I also enjoy treating other TMS symptoms as well. Thank you.

Please note: in order to be a candidate for being treated for psychosomatic pain/symptoms, you have to have already had anything structurally dangerous ruled out by a licensed physician (MD or DO). 

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