Couples Therapy & Family Therapy

Couples Therapy

Most of us have struggled with relationships and communication at some point. Few of us are formally taught how to create rewarding relationships in which we may lovingly and effectively communicate how we feel. When people come together to form a relationship, their personal family brands/cultures must merge, and sometimes it isn't an easy transition. Whether you are straight or gay, polyamorous or monogamous, are dating, engaged or married, you and your partner may be facing problems for which there are simple solutions. In my work with couples I use only evidence-based techniques, that are easy to learn, and when appropriate, I also draw upon the principles that I learned while studying to become a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist.

  • Would you like to experience more love, intimacy , or connectedness with your partner?
  • Is your personal history getting in the way of your connection?
  • Do you wish your sex life was more enjoyable ?
  • Do you fight frequently , with little progress being made?
  • Do you have trouble finding the right words to effectively communicate your thoughts ?
  • Has your relationship been hurt by infidelity ?
  • Do you and your partner have differing views on important subjects such as money, child rearing or work-life balance?
  • Are family members a source of angst ?
If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, it is time for you to learn the skills to create the relationship of your dreams. Using proven therapeutic techniques, I can teach you how to transform anger and resentment into respect, harmony and love.

Your relationship may be one of the many that can be saved with the proper guidance! If your conflicts cannot be reconciled, therapy can assist you in leaving the relationship on good terms, allowing you to proceed with a healthier and more confident outlook.

Family Therapy

Issues affecting individuals can deeply impact other family members and the family as a whole. Sometimes families need a little extra support and improved methods of communication, while at other times families must deal with rather challenging subjects such as divorce, illness, death, moving, mental health issues, financial strain, academic struggles, among many other things. 

Family therapy nurtures change and fosters improved relationships among members, no matter what hardship a family may be facing, leaving each member with excellent mental health and a feeling that the value of his/her family is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Family therapy may take varying forms.  At times the family as a whole may meet with their therapist, while at other times s/he may meet with specific individuals or just the children. Each week's activities are custom-tailored to meet the needs of each unique family, the goals of which are to identify patterns and issues that cause distress and then to develop and implement changes that modify the way a family operates. Dramatic improvements are typically seen very quickly, as small changes in family dynamics have meaningful impact on how members interact and treat each other.