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I am pleased to have been quoted several times in Making Marriage a Success , a new book edited by Jaleh Donaldson.

About the book: " Making Marriage a Success supplies the information you need to bolster your marriage, or get it back on track. Its dual purpose makes it twice as effective. First, it's a timely collection of pearls of wisdom from dozens of the best marriage psychotherapists from across the nation. And equally important, it's a directory of marriage gurus, complete with websites and contact information, organized in a convenient, state-by-state format."


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Tired of kissing frogs? Here is the link to an article I wrote for YourTango that discusses How Therapy Can Make You a Better Dater.

Looking to show the world how strong your relationship is? Here is a fun article in The Daily Beast on celebrity couples who coordinate their outfits, why they do it and some of the perks and pitfalls of being "matchy-matchy": Couples Clothes Swapping Isn't Just for Kimye